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Mounted Posters

Mounted Posters

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Mounted postersHard-to-miss graphics for your business

Turn promotions into works of art with mounted poster printing. Mounted posters can take your designs a notch higher by giving them a more elegant presentation.   

Made of durable materials, mounted posters also give your graphics a longer lifespan, perfect for long-term promotions. Use these posters as store displays or promotional tools for restaurants, non-profits, or any type of business.  

Durable Mounted Poster Materials 

Mounted posters are printed on a white PVC board. Light but sturdy, this material has a slightly matte surface that lets colors in your artwork stand out. It also allows you to hang your poster on any wall, making it even more noticeable.  

Another great thing about mounted posters is that they don’t require framing. White PVC board is weather-resistant, so you can display your poster outdoors without worrying about the colors fading.  

  • Printed on white PVC board 
  • Lightweight & durable materials 
  • Water-resistant for outdoor use 
  • Available in standard & custom sizes
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